The fragrance of ripe black berries hang in the north woods of Wisconsin…

The Black Bear moves softly through the berry patch showing her cubs the way, teaching as her mother taught her, for generation after generation, until…

The greedy men laid out sweet smelling donuts hidden in a hollow log that tempted mother bear. But thereafter, the silence in the forest was broken in by the noise of hollering hounds. These hounds chased mother bear and her terrified cubs through the thick forest. Their hearts beating fast as they try to out run the mob of noisy hounds. A mother deer and her fawn were chased up by the mob, and soon the once quiet forest rings with the sent of fear. Mother bear sends her cubs quickly up a tree, as she makes herself the decoy, and leads the mob of hounds away from her precious cubs. Exhausted she climbs a tree, the mob of hounds hollering below, the sounds of men is heard along with a shot of thunder ending mother bears life…

Today, where the wild-creatures-live has become a war zone in Wisconsin. And it’s all in the name of sport. Hunter’s dogs run through the woods in pursuit of bear disrupting families; bear cubs are separated from their mothers, foraging black bears are kept on the move, and how about the White-tailed deer forced to protect her fawn from packs of free roaming hunting dogs in pursuit of bear. Gray wolves defending their pups kill hunter’s dogs in a never-ending-game.

In 1963 Wisconsin allowed the use of dogs in pursuit of black bears. It’s been an expensive mistake both in the lives of dogs & Wildlife. Hunter’s are compensated $2,500.00 for each dog killed by wolves during training & hunting with dogs in pursuit of black bear.

Please Take Action…

Find your legislators here.

Featured image by Bill Lea

One thought on “The fragrance of ripe black berries hang in the north woods of Wisconsin…

  1. Hunting with hounds is an atrocity. No “real” hunter should call this a sport! I believe this outrageous ritual is dangerous to both hounds and so called prey!


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