It’s All About Gray Wolves…

I became involved in the Wisconsin Wolf Recovery Program as a Volunteer WDNR Winter Wolf/Carnivore Tracker in the year 2000. I tracked two Gray wolf packs in Douglas county, and helped with summer wolf howl surveys as well. I spent winters trekking up to my tracking block, and became very familiar with one of the wolf packs.

The WODCW Logo is my drawing of my favorite alpha female that I named White Eyes. The possibility of Gray wolves becoming delisted was always talked about, and sure enough they were delisted in January 2012. Wisconsin’s Gray wolf was designated a game animal by 2011 Wisconsin Act 169 a law that stated; a wolf hunt is mandated when the wolf is not listed on the Endangered Species Act. Wisconsin was the only state to allow the use of dogs to track and trail wolves in the wolf hunt in the Barbaric practice known as wolf hounding. To my shock and dismay gray wolves, just fresh off the ESL, were now to be hunted as a trophy. Could this really be happening to the gray wolves I had come to know over the last 11 years. I couldn’t even fathom these elusive creatures being hunted down with dogs, caught in traps, shot with bows and arrows, and bullets. By this time White Eyes had been hit by a car in 2009, and was deceased. She left quite the legacy with nine generations of wolf pups, and my thoughts turned to them. Now they would be a trophy for some hunter. I had to do something to stop the wolf hunt.

In the following story I relate my personal experience. I’m telling this story in honor of White Eyes and her family. Her memory is what drives me to educate and advocate for gray wolves in Wisconsin. It’s now the year 2018 seven years later and thankfully after three wolf trophy hunts, a federal judge returned Great Lakes wolves back on the ESL in December 2014. But the re-listing came too late for some 1,500 gray wolves killed in the three years of reckless state management in the Great Lakes.

I’m telling my story about incidents that happened in 2013 during a charity ride for wolves that ended badly. All I can do now is tell my account of what happened. I’ve learned just how deceptive people can be, and I am now very careful who I work with in wolf advocacy. Is there any accountability within the wolf advocacy movement?

Running across such deception certainly does make a person aware of how social media keeps people apart and allows bad people to victimize good people for the sake of gaining attention…

It was in the spring of the year 2013 that I held a event in Madison Wisconsin in the hopes of bringing wolf advocates together to strategize on how to stop the wolf hunts. I held a film screening with a panel. My next idea to help gray wolves came from the film screening. In the film True Wolf a Motorcycle Ride for Wolves was shown, and I thought that would be a great way to raise funds. I thought a charity ride for wolves could raise much needed funds to support the legal teams in the Lawsuit to stop the use of dogs in the wolf hunts. So I began to talk to other advocates and someone recommended another group. I got in contact with them. They agreed to co-organize a charity ride for wolves. The ride began to come together, location, and a date was set, my co-organizer said they would go down to the state office and register the ride in both our names. I agreed because they lived in the city where the ride was to take place, and it was convenient for them to just run over to the office and file the paperwork. So they registered the ride. But unbeknownst to me in their name only. Months later I discovered the deception when the ride began to unravel right before my eyes. My volunteers began pulling out of helping. I had no idea why.

This was my first time working on an event with wolf advocates to raise money so I will admit I was rather naive to say the least. I was played by a master of deception.

My co-organizer of the ride said they had plenty of volunteers to help at the ride location. They said security was set, and a ride route was planned and ready. I never talked with any members of his organization, and began to wonder why. I started to become leery of my co-organizer as the ride progressed. After all he had access and openly communicated with all my WODCW volunteers.

At that time I had no idea how bad it could get; absolutely no idea the extremes or length they would go in dragging my name through the mud.

When I asked if I could talk with their board members they declined, and told me all their board members were underage. How convenient for them to have an entire board made up of minors, and with no access to communicate with their members. I never spoke to any of his volunteers. I never had any names or any communication with anyone but him. That’s when I realized something was very wrong with this co-organizer.

The ride was to take place in September. We were working with a bank (in both our names), and I ordered credit card readers for our phones so I could register people for the ride. It was agreed that I could pay one cell bill to help offset the costs of data that the card readers would use on my personal cell phone; approved by my co-organizer I paid $130.00 to my cellular bill out of the ride monies. I fully intended to cover & donate the rest of my costs for the sake of the charity.

I now realized the deception was that there was no board, and that saying his board members were minors was part of the deception.

At the last minute, my co-organizer decided to run registration funds through his personal PayPal account, and then said they would deposit it into the ride’s bank account. Then, it all unraveled in a 30 some text message the night I asked to talk with their board members and volunteers. It turned out the only volunteer was their daughter. I wondered if they even had a board? I did a google search on their name, and found out something suspicious. Their daughter had the same name as someone they told me was in charge of a committee. That’s when the text messages became belligerent when I asked them about the name I found on google.

I was working with a good friend (withholding name out of respect) that was about to approach the tribe (withholding tribe name out of respect) about joining us in support of the ride. We hoped to bring the tribe’s venders to the location and they would donate a portion to the ride’s charity. I had hoped to raise $5,000 or more for the legal teams working on the lawsuit to remove the use of dogs from the wolf hunt.

As I said earlier, it all unraveled. My co-organizer pulled out when I asked him if I could talk with his board members, and I hoped to just move on and keep the ride going. That’s when I found out my co-organizer had deceived me about registering both of our names. I found out WODCW’s name wasn’t even registered. Their name was the only name on the registration. So we changed our name so we would be legal, and wouldn’t conflict with the ex co-organizers name registered in his name. Changing our ride’s name didn’t even matter to the ex co-organizer because they wanted to shut us down.

I was never charged with embezzling a $130.00 from the charity ride, and to this day they continue to smear my name with this false accusation.

Then, I found out they had been talking badly about me to my volunteers, one of my volunteers resigned. Then, this volunteer wrote letters to other organizations & the tribe stating I raided the charity ride to pay my cell bill of $130.00. I was in shock and devastated. My good friend was now being questioned by his boss at the tribe because of the volunteer’s letter. I was concerned for his good reputation being damaged. And how fast he turned it around and lied about giving me permission to pay my cell bill. How could anyone do such a mean & vindictive thing, ruining a charity ride for wolves, and destroying people’s reputations?

When all of this started I felt sorry for the volunteer that resigned because she was just as much a victim of his deception as I was. But not anymore. She continues to harass & stalk me through my blog, and her hateful comments are a reflection of her, and not me.

It got worse. As we tried to salvage the ride they went on the attack. They sent emails claiming to be from their legal team. It was so outlandish, the ex co-organizer didn’t have a lawyer but persisted in pretending they did. We were never charged or convicted of doing anything even remotely illegal, but that didn’t matter to the ex co- organizer he continued harassing everyone involved in the ride. The harassing behavior became so bad that the venue told me they would host the ride just to spite the ex co-organizer. The ex co-organizer was caught in his own little game of deception and the tables were now turned.

In the above photograph: Emails like these were sent out to organizations and the venue hosting the ride from the ex co-organizer. We all knew attorneys don’t send emails. Lawyers send letters on company stationary through the post office. But the ex co-organizer continued to use tactics like these.

In the above photograph: An email I sent to the ex co-organizer requesting no contact. Even though we cancelled the ride the ex co-organizer continued to harass me through their Facebook page.

We cancelled the ride because of the email threats, accusations and so forth were overwhelming from this ex co-organizer, and his volunteers. It’s incredible that they were pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Soon, I received emails and phone calls from others warning me the ex co-organizer and how he operates. I’m not the only ones he’s done this to, they told me.

In the above photograph: Here’s an email sent to the ex co-organizer’s by one of my volunteers trying to hold the ride together. The ex co-organizer’s harassment began to wear thin on the nerves of the volunteers trying to hold the ride together.

I was sent very kind emails from the organizations that pulled out letting me know they had faith in my abilities, but the controversy the ex co-organizer was creating around the ride became too consuming. They had no other alternative but to pull out. The venue received so many emails from the ex co-organizer threatening them with a lawsuit if they continued working with me. We were in the process of bringing the tribe in, but before we could approach them, the volunteer that resigned, sent them emails accusing me of raiding the charity ride. The ex co-organizer and the volunteer that resigned were now crossing the line of decency and out right destroying innocent people’s reputations. There was no way to reason with them.

I’ll never forget the love and support I received from so many advocates during this difficult time.

My ex co-organizer kept all the registration money once he closed the bank account. He never returned a dime. I know one of the people who registered for the ride and was never given their money back. He claimed the ride was registered in his name, and so he owned it. Yet to this day they make false accusations about me. I was also contacted by one of the Harley shops we were working with, and they told me the ex co-organizer had been outright rude to them to the point the shop stated they’d never work with him. I soon found out just how desperate the ex co-organizer was as others came forward telling me about his many deceptions.

They kept telling the truth in a misleading ways to cause people to view things in an incorrect fashion. Such individuals enjoy and get much gratification from keeping you confused and believing their stories.

A couple wolf advocates told me they wanted to check out if there were really monthly wolf education meetings being held like the ex co-organizer claimed. The advocates went to the address, and the wolf advocates said they knocked on the door. A young girl answered, the wolf advocates asked if this was the meeting place? The young girl responded with there’s no meetings held here. The address was a residence in an apartment complex. Why would anyone pretend to have wolf education meetings? Someone suggested that maybe they were working for the hounders.

It is the experience of watching a “victim” run through the maze of confusion that gives gratification to most liars.

In the meantime, we lost the lawsuit to remove the use of dogs from the wolf hunt, and in December 2013 the first wolf hunt to use dogs was about to take place. My focus turned to alerting the press about the barbaric practice of wolf hounding. That’s exactly what I did, and I moved on from all the drama my ex co-organizer and his volunteers kept on creating. They continued to harass me though my blog, on the comments sections of news stories I was in, and they kept the harassment up. I began to anticipate a harassing comment about every several months or so, year, after year, and so forth.. They even had the audacity to invite me to one of the wolf meetings they were organizing. Of course I declined. Because of the continued harassment I’m telling my story. It has become overwhelming especially from the one volunteer that resigned. Her comments sent to my blog are full of hate, and that’s a reflection of her not me. My local police advised me to ask her not to contact me again, and if she does it will be a matter for the police. The police told him to stay off my social media sites, but that doesn’t stop them.

The liar tends to manipulate more than anyone else and has learned how to become a “pro” at doing it.

In the above photograph: Just one of many comments from them sent to my blog. This person is an admin on their Facebook page. I have blocked them.

Remember that this occurred in 2013 and now it’s 2018. They are still harassing me on my blog. I couldn’t imagine why someone would do such things. This was the first time I ever ran into anything remotely like this kind of behavior. And I’ve been a volunteer helping in wolf advocacy for near twenty years. I was unprepared to deal with such hateful behavior. What’s really interesting, is to this day I’ve never even met the ex co-organizer, the volunteer that resigned, or any of their Facebook admins. They don’t know me. I don’t know them. They are not the kind of people I would hang around.

In the above photograph: This comment came in June this year from the volunteer who resigned. I usually just deleted her comments, but approved this one in the hopes they would be embarrassed and stop this behavior.

Over the last few years I kept silent about the ride for wolves fiasco, and kept on working to protect wolves. The volunteer sent another comment to my blog as recently this June 2018, and as I’ve stated, that’s when I decided to tell my story. They kept these accusations up for five years. I’m now forced to relive all of this in the hope that by publishing my story it will stop. The only thing I’m guilty of is not checking their credentials before I started co-organizing the ride for wolves charity with them. I won’t work with anyone that proves to be deceptive. In my humble opinion it’s that deception that hurts the cause.

Recently they posted that I’m lying about graduating from UW-Stout holding a B.S. degree in Art Education. It’s amazing the lengths they will go to to protect their deception.

Today they are still out there in wolf advocacy, and for me it’s not about them anymore. It’s all about the gray wolf. I’ve organized three successful events for wolves since then, and without a hitch. Today I’m still good friends with the organizations and other volunteers connected with the charity ride. I’ve learned many lessons from the events of 2013, mostly that, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m careful who I work with on projects now. I’ve moved on and forgiven…

I withheld names in my story because enough advocates were hurt back in 2013. I’ve made some wonderful friends in advocacy since this incident. I’ve learned not to let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

End of story…I hope….

Running across such deception certainly does make a person aware of how social media keeps people apart and allows bad people to victimize good people for the sake of gaining attention…

*references 6 Subtle Characteristics of The Pathological Liar By Támara Hill, MS, LPC


If unscrupulous politicians that are in bed with extractive industries, oil & gas, mining and lumber, get their way this is how Wisconsin manages its gray wolf population.

One thought on “It’s All About Gray Wolves…

  1. I remember trying to work with you too Rose,
    You attacked me on my page because I wouldn’t give you Wolf Patrol’s location. And your attacks came the day after my mother’s death. My admins banned you from the page because you wouldn’t let up even after they told you my mother had just died. I’ve made it clear why I’ve chosen not to work with Wolf Patrol and made it public knowledge. I’m not siding with any anti wolf legislators against WP. I make clear an upfront choices about who I work with. It’s a fact not everyone can work together. I wish you well, and have no ill feelings towards you.


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