In 2014 I received a phone call from Rod Coronado about working together, less than a year later I received an email concerning sexual assault accusations that are addressed in the blog that I reblogged here. I supported the victim and soon found myself being bullied and harassed. This isn’t specific to wolves, but is specific to the wolf advocacy movement. I support the victim, and victims of sexual assault, and others being sexually harassed. I’ve chosen to face the bullying behavior that happens within any movement because we must support human victims; just as much as we support wolves and wildlife. After I publicly supported the victims in this blog (“Me Too”) as a result my WODCW Twitter feed was attacked and our following was replaced with porn sites. We must speak up! ~Rachel

The Possible World

In the second installment of the “Your Voice is Beautiful” series, Earth First! activist and writer Loki interviews fellow comrade Julie Henry about her abusive relationship with Rod Coronado, well-known animal rights activist and environmentalist of Wolf Patrol.  To learn more about this interview or Earth First!, click here.  Thank you Loki and Julie for letting me share this piece in The Possible World.  Your story will help so many people.


By Loki of Earth First!

Content Warning: Sexual Assault, Backlash, Victim Blaming

2015 is the year that rape culture, a buzz word that has been rattling around in my brain for over a decade, took on a whole new meaning. I watched story after story about rape or abuse unfold. Steubenville. Jimmy Saville. Bill Cosby. Jian Ghomeshi. Julian Assange. Most of those names mean something to all of the women and femmes I know. Many of us shared news…

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