…Killing the most and biggest coyotes for prizes known as coyote-killing derbies are legal and held in many states. The latest news has Vermont, one of two states now working to ban coyote-killing contests. The other state, California banned coyote-killing derbies in 2014. Let’s hope this trend catches on as Vermont House Votes To Ban Coyote-Killing Competitions reported on Vermont Public Radio News on Thursday February 22, 2018:

The ban on “holding or participating” in coyote-killing tournaments was included in a major fish and wildlife bill that passed the Vermont House this week. It’s estimated there are between 6,000 and 9,000 coyotes in Vermont, and people can hunt them at any time of the year.

Backers of the ban, such as Underhill Rep. Trevor Squirrell, said the competitions serve no useful purpose and run counter to the state’s hunting culture.

“It addresses what many Vermonters feel is unacceptable and unethical activity that occurs toward coyotes, the incentivized killing of an animal through an organized competition,” said Squirrell. “This type of activity violates hunter ethics.” VPR News

Let’s not disguise killing wildlife for prizes as sport. Killing wildlife for prize money is not ethical hunting. It’s more about killing for fun and recreation, that has absolutely nothing to do with conservation or respecting wild animals.

Photograph of two coyotes credit John E Marriott

“Killing a sentient creature for the purpose of a contest, derby or tournament for essentially fun and prizes – there’s something that’s just very fundamentally wrong about that.” ~Camilla Fox, Project Coyote

6 thoughts on “It’s the beginning of the end for coyote killing-contest competitions…

    1. This is a disgusting contest – shame on the STATE for allowing it and on all the people who think it is OK and a sport to kill innocent animals – this needs to be banned in every state! Wake up America – stop the cruelty to animals!


  1. Killing a sentient creature for the purpose of a contest, derby or tournament for essentially fun and prizes – there’s something that’s just very fundamentally wrong about that


  2. Coyotes serve a very grateful purpose to our country, they help control the rabbit, rodent, and even feral cat populations. I live in Branson Mo, and we have coyotes all over, cause MAN interfered with their domains, with urban development, causing the animals to live with humans.Here inside the city limits the dogs can not be shot.They how ever can be humanely trapped, and only animal control, and DNR are allowed to remove them, and relocate them. We had 2 coyotes last year that came up to our patio , and ate the cat food we had put out for the ferals, i called animal control cause the dogs were sick with mange, animal set a cage trap by our patio, and bated it with a can of Alpo, one of the coyotes went half way in , sprung the trap and was able to escape(coyotes butt wasn’t all the way in the cage)……..when healthy they are beautiful animals, and more scared of humans than most think.STOP THE RECKLESS SLAUGHTER, THIS IS NOT HUNTING OR A SPORT……….ITS MURDER!!!!!!!

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