…A new bill that ties the hands of local law enforcement from assisting federal authorities in any investigation into the illegal killing of Wisconsin’s wild wolf.

Wolves are a federally protected endangered species, and they need your voice!

On Wednesday January 10th the Committee on Natural Resources & Sporting Heritage held a Public Hearing on Assembly Bill 712. Ill conceived Assembly Bill 712 Takes a Nose-Dive in Public Hearing

Rep. Mark Spreitzer, D-Beloit, questioned the companion Senate bill author Sen. Tom Tiffany, R-Hazelhurst, whether the legislation would lead to illegal killings.

“Aren’t you giving free license to people, at least as far as the state’s concerned, to violate both state and federal law?”

Listen to the following testimony from a mother and son…

This I’ll conceived bill 2017 Assembly Bill 712, is up for a Committee vote this Wednesday January 17, 2018. Please take action by contacting members of the committee. Click on their name for contact information. Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage members:

Representative Kleefisch (Chair)

Representative Quinn (Vice-Chair)

Representative Tittl

Representative Edming

Representative Nerison

Representative Mursau

Representative Skowronski

Representative Tusler

Representative Stafsholt

Representative Milroy

Representative Hesselbein

Representative Spreitzer

Representative Stuck

Representative Brost

The companion bill is in the Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry

The companion bill SB 602 which would make it illegal for law enforcement to enforce state or federal law relating to management of wolves in Wisconsin.

Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry public Hearing on SB 602 is scheduled for a committee meeting Tue Jan 16

Senate – Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry

Public Hearing

10:00 AM

411 South

Please attend if you can!

If you cannot attend please email your written testimony to the committee members by clicking on their names:


Senator Tiffany (Chair)

Senator Testin (Vice-Chair)

Senator Moulton

Senator Wirch

Senator Erpenbach

Seventeen wolf packs disappeared in three years of wolf hunting. ~Melissa Tedrowe, HSUS Wisconsin State Representative

Fringe politicians claim this bill is necessary as wolves are taking over northern Wisconsin. Rep. Adam Jarchow claims wolves are decimating deer and livestock and must be managed (Jarchow’s way of wolf management is a trophy hunt). Wisconsin is also the only state that sanctions wolf-Hounding. Either way it’s obvious that this legislation is not guided by or based on good sense.

This is how Wisconsin manages the wolf just off the Endangered Species List.

Ever since a federal judge ordered Great Lakes wolves wolves back on the Endangered Species List several Wisconsin politicians have worked for delisting so they can hold a trophy hunt on them. It’s about time Wisconsin used common sense when forming a management plan for wolves.

“…a spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States says regardless of the intent of the bills, the consequences could be widespread. That’s the thought of Wisconsin Director Melissa Tedrowe…

“….all of us who showed up can sense that AB 712 is a bad bill, it endangers scientific research it obstructs law enforcement, puts our ecosystems in jeopardy and ignores the will of a majority of Wisconsinites who want wolves protected….”

Tedrowe says she hopes legislators are willing to sit down with various groups and talk about the issues before acting….

“….take another approach to getting what they want when it comes to wolves. Maybe bringing us all to the table and bringing about some sort of compromise. This is an extreme measure and it really does just deserve to die where it is….” Listen HERE to Ken Krall (WXPR Local Public Radio) and Melissa Tedrowe

Another aspect of this misguided legislation targets wolf monitoring programs. One program developed by retired wolf biologist Adrian Wydeven will be on the chopping block if this legislation is passed.

“The volunteer tracker program has been in place since 1995 and coordinates up to 150 trackers each year.” Source

“The WDNR has trained, guided, and used data from volunteer carnivore trackers. Interruption of this program would reduce citizen science opportunities in Wisconsin, and eliminate a source of wolf population data for the WDNR. Though the program was started in 1995, it took several years after establishment for trackers to gain the expertise to assure and maximize data quality. Disruption of this program may require several years for re-establishment and reduce support from volunteers.” From: Wisconsin’s Greenfire, Wolf Management Restrictions

I joined the Wisconsin’s DNR volunteer winter wolf monitoring program in the year 2000. I’ve contributed my time and money as a citizen helping to gather wolf population data for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. If this bill passes winter track surveys or work with citizen scientists on data collection could no longer be coordinated with DNR staff. Listen HERE to my thoughts on this topic in a recent radio interview.

Wolf depredations on livestock are down.

The number of incidents decreased 29% from 2015-16 when 52 incidents of depredation to livestock were confirmed.” WI DNR Wolf Monitoring Reports 2016-2017 Winter

Take action to help to protect Wisconsin’s wild wolf from ill conceived legislation…