Stacy Gibson: Keep wolves on the endangered species list

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films

Capital Times, Madison
Dear Editor: I am very disappointed in our currentadministration running meetings to build support to eradicate our wolves. I have heard Tammy Baldwin, Sean Duffy and Ron Johnson on local newscasts actually say wolves are a danger to our children, pets and livestock. These three representatives of Wisconsin fail to mention the real reason they want wolves delisted. Money.

The good wolves do for the ecosystem far exceed the bad, and it’s not the big bad wolf but the big bad politicians spewing fear into the public about an animal they obviously have never researched. Climate warming is real; let’s stop killing our wildlife and get to work on saving this planet, not greedy hidden agendas.

Trophy hunting is not a sport, it is nothing but a ridiculous disrespect for life. Putting animals’ heads and skins on walls and floors is not wildlife conservation in any…

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