I’m beyond words, that decent people in this state would allow such deplorable & unabashed hate to run wild at a Senator’s meeting.  When I glanced at the photograph I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s one thing to want wolves managed by the state, but it’s another to “kill All The Wolves” as these four misguided young women state on their shirts.  It’s more evidence of the anti-wolf message politicians are pushing to get the wolf in Wisconsin delisted for a wolf hunt. 

In the photo:  The “Hughlett girls” – part of a family wearing identical shirts – were among those who attended a meeting initiated by area senators and congressmen to gather personal stories supporting a bill that would move management of wolves from the federal level to the state. While some people preferred that the state be rid of wolves, other supported reducing the number from the approximately 950 to previous goals, around 350. 
Read the full article Public expresses wolf concerns 
Then take action: it’s more important now that we protect Wisconsin’s wild wolves.
I encourage everyone to express their outrage by calling and emailing Senator Ron Johnson. https://www.ronjohnson.senate.gov/public/

In Wisconsin wolf hatred is at an all time high. U. S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) held a meeting at the last minute, invited all pro-wolf hunt folks, but failed to notify the rest of his constituents. It was mob rule, in this case mob-wolf-haters proudly displaying kill all the wolves shirts. Please contact your members of congress, use this easy link democracy.io tell them to vote No on S. 1514 (this bill will delist wolves and take away any judicial review) please save wolves! Wisconsin’s wolf is in jeopardy. 

It’s hard to believe there is so much hate directed at an endangered species. 

Long live the Gray wolf! It’s not anyone’s right to “Kill All The Wolves” because the Gray wolf is the forest, the grasslands, the mountain, the river, White-tailed deer, the elk, the beaver, & much more. What the Gray wolf is not: is part of human’s hatred born out of greed to conquer what is free & wild. ~Rachel Tilseth

9 thoughts on “Hatred of an endangered species encouraged in a U.S. senator’s meeting in Wisconsin 

  1. Wolves kill only a tiny fraction of cattle. But they are easy to blame. The morons posing in the pic are an example of the frenzied mob. I’m almost tempted to ask them if they get all their food from hunting only (since food is given as a justification but we know better the real reason is pleasure of killing).

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  2. We have to stop this relentless war on our wolves!!…..This is the Ranchers, who are all about greed…They want to take over GOVERNMENT PROPERTY so that they can graze their ciws. The ranchers “bait the wolves with already dead cows. This lie makes the wolf the guilty party….Wolves do no hsrm. They are a very important part of our very weak Eco System…..Wolves are a balance in Nature. .. GOVERNMENT PROPERTY BELONGS TO OUR WILDLUFE, NOT THE RANCHERS COWS!!…Stop the lies!!!!…..Leave our important wolves alone.

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  3. This is just horrible. To blame wolves for cattle slaughter is ignoring the fact there could be other reasons. But these people haven’t educated themselves, they’ve just jumped on another ignoramus ‘crudely fashioned way against an animalvwjo is simply trying to feed their families JUST LIKE US.

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  4. Hi I live in Australia 🇦🇺 but I am with you all the way . Those TShirts are a disgrace and should not be allowed what is wrong with those so called women .Maybe they should take a good look at themselves & leave the beautiful wolf alone Karma will catch up on them 🍂🌿🍁Blessings To You All 🍁🌿🍂

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