Now is the time to support organizations that are protecting America’s wolves 

The Scales of Justice were tipped back in favor of wolf recovery in the Great Lakes & Wyoming states (in two separate lawsuits) ordered wolves back on the endangered species list in 2014. Minnesota, Wisconsin & Wyoming wolf management plans allowed wolves; to be shot on sight, chased down with large packs of free ranging hunting dogs and trapped by the use of strangling snares. It’s no wonder they were returned to the endangered species list, because this is not how you manage an endangered species, such as; the imperiled gray wolf. 

Even better news came this week out of Michigan in the following:

“The “title-object clause” of the Michigan constitution requires lawmakers to be honest and transparent. Lawmakers may not adopt a bill titled “scientific wildlife management,” for instance, when the contents of the bill are something else entirely. A bill named “Legalizing wolf hunting despite voter opposition” would have passed the test, though. The clause also requires a law to serve a single purpose. A bill that legalizes wolf hunting and also gives away free fishing licenses violates that standard. The Court of Appeals gives a victory to Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, the group that sued over the 2014 law, and helps it slap lawmakers.” Source

The bad news is that congress is preparing to strip wolves of federal protection even going as far as to undermine the Endangered Species Act:

Several politicians want state control of wolves. Two Wisconsin state republican legislators are in favor of state management of wolves; Rep Adam Jarchow and senator Tom Tiffany along with US republican Senators Reid Ribble and Ron Johnson are pushing to delist wolves. Senator Tiffany stated in a recent news strory, click HERE to read more on this story. 

And, everyone is awaiting the decision on The USFW had a hearing to challenge a Judge putting wolves back on ESL on U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell in Washington, D.C. Who ruled in 2014 that the removal “was arbitrary and capricious and violated the federal Endangered Species Act.” That was held on October 18, 2016.  

“Led by the Humane Society of the United States, environmentalists challenged the rule, arguing that FWS couldn’t designate a population segment under the Endangered Species Act just to turn around and remove protections. They also charged that FWS couldn’t show that wolves would be adequately protected from disease and human harm across a “significant portion” of their range without federal protections.” Source: HSUS  click HERE to read more n this story.

Now is the time to support  organizations that have worked hard to keep America’s wolves protected. 

HSUS keeping Great Lakes wolves protected: Timeline of gray wolf protection 
 Livestock and Wolves non lethal guide to reducing conflicts: Defenders of Wildlife 
Wolves on the west coast: The Center for Biological Diversity 
Wolf conservation programs gray & Mexican wolf: Wild Earth Guardians 

Please make a donation to one or all of these organizations that are lobbying to protect America’s imperiled wolf. 


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  1. We are going to have to fight hard to stop Wisconsin politicians from gaining control. Wolves should always remain on the Endangered list with so many wanting to wipe them out if made legal to do so. I stand strong with our wolves 🐾🐾

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