Wisconsin/Great Lakes pro-wolf and wildlife supporters letter-writing challenge, “protect the iconic gray wolf”

Wisconsin keep writing letters!

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Films

Letter writing campaigns can help citizens reach out to elected officials, such as mayors, city councils, state representatives and even the president. Elected officials want to hear from their constituents. You can tell them why “protecting the iconic gray wolf” is important to you. This information helps them as they make decisions that affect your community and the people who live there.

It’s vital that pro wolf supporters present scientific evidence to counter the Great Lakes Wolf Summit’s anti-wolf message

The Wisconsin news is full of Anti-wolf articles as a result of two Wisconsin politicians that held a one day Great Lakes Wolf Summit about “who should mange the wolf.” These two politicians held a Great Lakes Wolf Summit in Cumberland, Wisconsin, with the intention of stirring up fear and propaganda about wolves. News articles are surfacing all over the state;Wolf summit leans towards delisting, killing animals, “

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