Scorecard for overal U.S. Animal protection lists Wisconsin 44 in the bottom tier.

Wisconsin’s Wolf Recovery Program was a success that is until the year 2011. Act 169 mandated a hunt on wolves in Wisconsin as an emergency rule as soon as they were taken off the Endangered Species List. Wolves were hunted, trapped and dogs were used to track and trail wolves. Out of all the states that hunt wolves, only Wisconsin allows hound hunters to use unleashed packs of dogs to hunt wolves. Wisconsin, quite literally, throws “dogs to the wolves.” 

It’s no small wonder that Animal Legal Defense Fund ranks Wisconsin  44 in the bottom tier 2015 U.S. ANIMAL PROTECTION LAWS RANKINGS. 

Wisconsin once known for its progressive stands for environment and wildlife is in the hands of the far right with these politicians caving into special interest money. They not only stopped progress in wolf recovery they sent it back straight into the dark ages. 

Thanks to animal protection organizations, Humane Society of The US, a federal judged:  On Friday December 19, 2014 the news broke that Great Lakes wolves were put back on the Federal Endangered Species Act immediately.

Read the full scorecard from Animal Legal Defense League 2015 U.S. Animal Protection Laws RankingsTM Comparing Overall Strength & Comprehensiveness by clicking here.

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