Wolves and Wilderness Our Earth Under Fire


On December 19, 2014 Great Lakes wolves were ordered back on the endangered species list and it was a victory for WI wolf supporters. Soon after this news the anti-wolf supporters began the propaganda compeign. Oh my, oh me, the “big bad wolf” is eating all my livestock was the rallying cry.



Anti-wolf propaganda stems from this simple fact: the Endangered Species Act was designed to protect threatened or endangered animals and their habitats. This simple fact protects our environment from greedy special interests.


Greedy special interests such as; big Agricultural factory farms, oil and gas fracking companies, logging companies, and canned hunting sportsman.


This isn’t the first time that our environment has been under attack by greedy special interest groups. Environmental protection began in the sixties, seventies and eighties with the Endangered Species Act, The Clean Water Act and Earth Day to mention a few.


The battle to keep wolves listed is more important today because special interests groups want the land that wolves live on. We cannot allow These special interest groups to use up and destroy wilderness. Save wolves and you save our environment. Our earth is under Fire from greedy interests.

Keep Wolves Listed healthy, wild and not harassed by trophy hunts. Wolves are crucial to our ecosystems.” 

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