The Truth About Trapping: The use of a snare trap is the most violent method used to kill an animal. By Rachel Tilseth

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Trapping is cruel. This cruel fact became apparent to me as I dug into one of the most heinous methods of trapping for this story. My heart goes out to each and every victim in this story. These photographs are graphic reminders of how a method of hunting such as trapping can continue to be legal in this day and age. The use of a snare trap is the most violent method used to kill an animal.

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the ways it’s animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

Is this humane? This wolf was captured by a snare trap, suffered and died a slow death.

Video of trapping wolf using snare found on You Tube here:

The following statement about trapping is from American Veterinary Medical Association:

“Leg hold traps have been banned in 88 countries. In spite of irrefutable evidence of cruelty, mutilation and dangers to non-target animals and children; they have only been banned in 8 states. 74% of Americans oppose the leg hold trap, yet Congress has not banned them thanks to the fur industry and lobbies like the AVMA. [19] In a public relations move, the industry began manufacturing traps with a rubber strip across the jaws. However, they still close with the same force. In the up to 3 days it may take for a trapper to return, an animal may suffer or die of dehydration, blood loss, hypothermia, trap inflicted injuries or predators. A 1995 study of coyotes trapped in padded leg hold traps found that 97% experienced severe leg swelling and 26% lacerations and fractures. A study of 55 red foxes found that 25 suffered severe swelling; 23 severe lacerations; 17 fractured their teeth and 13 suffered severed tendons, abrasions or fractures. “Drowning sets” are designed to kill beaver, muskrat and mink. Animals in these traps struggle for an average of 9 1/2 minutes. A beaver may hold out as long as 20 minutes.”

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is a professional association and industry lobbying organization for veterinarians and affiliated industries in animal commerce and agriculture. The AVMA was founded in 1863 and is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illnois with an office in Washington, DC. According to its website, the AVMA represents over 80,000 veterinarians. [1] read more here: The American Veterinary Medical Association

Can it get any more violent? Wolves were killed in Minnesota using these snare traps.

Minnesota hunting regulations MDNR use of snare for trapping begins on page 50 :


How to make a snare trap for raccoon and coyotes video here:

Snare traps are designed to catch an animal by the neck and strangle them.

From a trapper in Minnesota


Matt Steffen with an example of a snare that similar to the setup he will use to try to trap a wolf starting next weekend near Silver Bay.
Photo: Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune CameraStar

Quote from a Minnesota trapper:

“When an animal is caught in a snare, it’s natural for it to lunge forward, and keep lunging,” Steffen said. “When it does, the snare draws tighter.” Read full story here:

Wolves a once endangered species are now valuable commodity for their fur or their trophy status. In Minnesota snare traps were used to take wolves.

Trapper videoed himself checking his trap line. Found on You tube video here:

The following photograph shows a timber wolf caught in a snare trap.

This next photograph is of the same wolf after the trapper knocks him on the head with an ax. Then says, “Well he’s just about expired here. I’ll pick him up on the way back.”


Speak up, call your representatives and let them know that violence towards a once endangered species is morally and ethically wrong.

The use of a snare trap is the most violent method used to kill an animal.

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  1. To me, trappers are dreadful, evil people! They need to learn to spend their time in a decent, compassionate way and not in torture of others.

  2. Why do so many supposedly human men have the urge to kill a Wolf to the point of cruelty. Gut shooting, poison, gas, snares, leg hold traps. It’s like they have no compassion at all. Like it’s not a good kill unless the animal suffers intense pain first. May God have mercy on your evil souls.

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