WI Third Wolf Hunt a Debauchery: Excessive indulgence of over killing.

IMG_2190.JPGPhotograph is of Douglas county wolf range taken by Rachel Tilseth

WI’s third wolf hunt has become a debauchery in excessive indulgence being run by Cathy Stepp head of the WDNR. Wolves a once endangered species have become the targets of wolf hater’s such as Ted Nugent. 

WI’s third wolf hunt has many problems that need to be addressed such as wolf management zones going over the kill quotas. Zone 1 went over by almost half the kill quota before WDNR caught it and closed the zone. On Tuesday I asked MacFarland what will be done about zones going over the limits. MacFarland said, “That is yet to be determined by administration.”

It’s clear to this blogger that Cathy Stepp’s (head WDNR) new WDNR has created a climate of hostility towards WI wild wolves. Stepp continues to allow fringe anti wolf hunters to run and shape WI wolf management policies. 

 Look at one extremist fringe hunter Ted Nugent, who openly called for WI wolf hunters to poach wolves.

“WISCONSIN Spirit BloodBrothers the Weisner family trapped this stunning wolf. Though no state has issued an adeqaute number of wolf tags, believe when I tell you that certain WE THE PEOPLE in touch caring Americans are killing MANY MANY more wolves than the numbnut corrupt dishonest PC government thugs allow. Kill as many as you can real conservationists. The wolf population is irresponsibly & dangerously out of control. Wolf jackets ROCK!!” Said Ted Nugent on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tednugent?ref=ts&fref=ts

Ted Nugent’s call to poach wolves isn’t sitting well with WI residents who have made it clear they want wolves in a recent WDNR wolf attitude survey http://wolvesofdouglascountywisconsin.com/2014/08/28/8281wdnr-wolf-survey-results-the-good-bad-and-the-ugly-by-rachel-tilseth/

I am betting that the majority of WI’s ethical hunters won’t participate in Ted Nugent’s fringe hunting poachers club!

Here are the wolf kill numbers as of today, October 23, 2014
Zone Quota Harvest Zone Status
1 32 36 Closed
2 15 29 Closed
3 40 8 Open
4 8 5 Closed
5 20 18 Closed
6 35 7 Open
Total150 total killed 103 from WDNR’s website http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/hunt/wolf.html

I’ve said it before and will say it again that Stepp’s WDNR is a dysfunction Junction.

I think Stepp took hunting lessons from Nugent’s fringe hunting poacher’s club.

Cathy Stepp with her fawn she killed while deer hunting in 2012

9 thoughts on “WI Third Wolf Hunt a Debauchery: Excessive indulgence of over killing.

    1. Yes, where is the DoI. There is a lot of shame to be shared by our Federal and state leaders in reference to this issue.

  1. The state of Wisconsin is beautiful and I’m sure it is full of great people, but i do not understand why they tolerate this slaughter of wolves and the use of dogs to do it.this needs to stop, and stop now.

  2. How tragic that such a beautiful species brings out the worst in people! How very unfair is this! How primitive a mindset that people are so intent on this blood lust for a species that is so close to our domestic dog. The wolf has so many qualities, so much value to the eco system and yet this savagery knows no boundaries!

  3. Those of us with not enough power are having that which we value so much being destroyed by those with too much power. So we are begging you who have power over those using it against the good of all to please step in and stop this hunt. There are tremendous abuses happening here.

  4. I read that 80% of Wisconsin citizens are opposed to a wolf hunt. Where are they??? Sitting home watching TV? If they try to hunt wolves in CA, I’ll be out in my wheelchair sabotaging any hunters.

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