WODCW FAQ Sheet on Wolf Hound Hunting

By Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin (WODCW) A Grassroots Organization started to remove the dogs from the wolf hunt.

1. Out of all the states that hunt wolves, only Wisconsin allows hound hunters to use unleashed packs of dogs to hunt wolves. Wisconsin, quite literally, throws “dogs to the wolves.”

2. Hound hunters traditionally train their dogs to focus on specific prey by releasing their dogs to surround, attack and terrorize a prey animal (e.g. a bear cub or fox) for hours on end (up to 16 hours/day) enclosed in a small, open barrel or “roll cage.” At this point it remains disturbingly unclear as to how hound hunters will train their dogs to pursue wolves instead of other animals—will it be by capturing wolves and allowing their dogs to attack them in barrels and pens? How isn’t this worse than illegal dog fighting?

3. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, charged with overseeing the wolf hunt, has no rules in place that require hound handlers to report dogs injured or killed in the pursuit of wolves during a hunt. In fact, there is no monitoring or certification program whatsoever in place for the use of dogs in the wolf hunt; thus the state has little ability to hold hound hunters accountable for training or hunting violations or to prevent deadly and inhumane wolf-dog confrontations (e.g., hunters allowing dogs to overtake and kill rifle-shot wolves). These circumstances explain why Wisconsin stands alone: using dogs to hunt wolves is no better than state-sponsored dog fighting.

4. Hound handlers are equipped with high tech radio telemetry devices that allow them to track GPS-collared hunting dogs from long distances. They are often not able to catch up to hounds that have a wolf at bay to prevent deadly fights between dogs and wolves. As proof of this, to date, Wisconsin has paid nearly $500,000 to “reimburse” hound-hunters for hunting dogs injured or killed by wolves. See link dog depredations WDNR http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/wolf/dogdeps.html

5. According to DNR regulations, hound handlers are only allowed to use up to six dogs at a time to trail wolves. But handlers often replace tired dogs with fresh ones and younger dogs. It is common for a handler to be unable to retrieve the tired dogs, and end up with up well over 6 dogs chasing one wolf, potentially twice or even three times as many. There is no monitoring system in place to ensure that only 6 dogs pursue wolves.

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Twitter: Wolves of Douglas Co  @WolvesDouglasCo

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10 Replies to “WODCW FAQ Sheet on Wolf Hound Hunting”

  1. Thank you for supporting our wolves. it’s too bad that we live in such a political society that men with guns have to go out and hunt these creatures down in that they would otherwise, never see. and it’s also unfortunate that they continue to let this happen. We are going to completely diminush the whole population and I am ashamed for our country.

  2. I have a hound dog and he is by nature a big baby. I can’t picture him going after a flea. The wolves have a right to live and the dogs too ? This has to stop. Shame on the states that let this happen.

  3. How do they teach the hounds? They capture live animals, then aggrivate them into attacking the hounds so the hounds will attack back. The drag animals behind trucks and get the hounds to chase them. Some starve the hounds to make them hungry for the kill. And wound an animal to make it easier for hound puppies to catch, like gut shot. How do they prevent hounds from hunting the wrong animal? Hounders beat them until they canmt move and use shock collars and are able to change the factory settings on. Handlers can make the shock so bad the dog urinates on its self. its all sick.

  4. How sad people would subject animals to such disgusting behavior. dogs are man’s best friend, not his torture buddy

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