Dear editor

Wolf hounders are now allowed to train dogs to chase wolves, but are not allowed to let the dogs bite a wolf. Do hounders really think they will be able walk up to a wolf/dog conflict and put a leash on their dogs then walk away? What do you think will happen? I think there will be more dead dogs and wolves in the north woods. This will for sure lead to more poaching, because they won’t report all the wolf and dog conflicts.

Sounds pretty unethical to me. No Better than training pit bulls to fight with live dogs and that is illegal. Is this what our ethical hunters want a “Blood bath” in the north woods? Just 2% of the population are In favor of this blood sport. Several of these 2% sit on the a Wolf Advisory Committee making up rules for this training season. I ask this question: should they be the ones to make the rules and terrorize our wildlife to such extreme measures?

This training policy is extermination not management of wolves. It is time to change the act 169. Ethical hunters need to speak up against this barbaric practice. How long before all of our wildlife is subject to these methods. Will deer be next? Time to speak up Wisconsin.

LuAnn O’Dell


“LuAnn has been advocating for wolves since 2011. She writes letters, emails, calls legislators and speaks out against wolf hounding in Wisconsin.
Photograph of LuAnn testifying before the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board opposing the wolf hunt quota on June 25, 2014. LuAnn has resided and worked in Wisconsin her whole life.”


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